Sometimes I love my job. Correction. All times I love my job.

Let me tell you what I've been up to. So, first, there's the broken foot. Yes, I broke the 5th metatarsal bone in my foot on a tour in mid-June. So - needless to say - my cycling has been seriously curtailed as I hobble around with a cast and crutches. But all is not lost. I've been using my recuperation time to work on putting together our day tours. And that has been wonderful.

Every G.O. Tour has an incredible amount of research and planning go into them. For our Locally Sourced, Locally Cycled: East Kelowna tour, I do an interview with each of our tour partners, learning more about their history, their passion and the unique stories they have to tell. I think of each tour as a documentary you ride through, weaving all those stories together into an cohesive narrative. I work with the tour's curator and co-designer - in this case the exceptionally talented Mark Filatow, the executive chef and culinary brains behind the perpetually renowned Waterfront Wines - to carefully craft an experience that will immerse you in what we love about this place where we live.

The most rewarding part of this process is making the connections with some wonderfully talented and genuinely nice people - people like Helen Kennedy at Arlo's Honey Farm. I don't know about you, but I always love hearing about the unexpected twists and turns of fate that led a person to where they currently are. Helen never planned on becoming a beekeeper, yet here we were - on an warm Okanagan summer day, chatting as the birds and the bees literally buzzed around us. Helen gave me a condensed master class in apiculture (the art of honey making) and at the end of our hour, I was much the wiser for it.

Helen and I chatting about the birds and the bees - but mostly bees...

Helen and I chatting about the birds and the bees - but mostly bees...

So, that's my job, meeting the nicest people you could ever meet, collecting fascinating stories and weaving them together into a day-long cycling experience. I know - I'm blessed