heart of the okanagan...

Kelowna is the geographic heart of the Okanagan Valley. It's laid back but always active. There's time to catch your breathe - yet enough adventure (not to mention scenery) to take that same breathe away. Our G.O. Kelowna Experiences are designed to give you the broad strokes of a quintessential Okanagan experience, painted boldly on a spectacular canvas. Go slow and savour - or go full out - it's your choice with G.O. Cycling Experiences:


Cycle and Savour

Exploring Nature's Blessings, embarking on a rich cultural expedition or putting yourself in a two wheeled historic narrative - Our Cycle and Savour Experiences lets you discover in an unforgettable way. Our G.O. Hosts explore the hidden nooks and crannies that reveal a completely different side of the valley - creating a sense satisfying cycling experience.


Fitness + Adventure

When you pedal to quicken your pulse, pump up your adrenaline and shake the cobwebs loose, these are the experiences you've been looking for. From our Mellow Zen Cycling Experiences to Bike n' Bootcamps to Combo Packages with some of the Okanagan's most adventurous destinations, we keep Fitness and Adventure in Perfect Balance!

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Road Bike Heaven

Come and worship in the Temple of the Dedicated Roadie. These are experiences built by road enthusiasts for road enthusiasts. Discover why the Okanagan is carving out it's place in the hearts of cycling fans from around the world. These experiences put cycling front and center, but like all our packages, they are completely customizable for your group.