You are one of the few, the proud, the brave…

Through a highly secret, exhaustively selective process, you have been selected to be one of the first to test the Giro Self Guided Tour app.


We can only put it down to your considerable charm, your finely honed sense of adventure and your incredibly good looks. Others are in awe of you. Enjoy it.

So, what’s next?

Here, step by step, is what you need to do to test the Myra Canyon tour (the first that’s available for testing)

Before You Test

izi travel app.jpeg
  1. Have a phone. We’ve been testing on the iPhone, but the app is also available on Android (although we haven’t field tested that version yet)

  2. Get the app. We use the Izi.Travel platform. Just go to either the Apple App Store or Google Play on your respective addictively connected device and search for “izi travel”. The app icon should look like the one to the right.

  3. Once the app is installed, go to “my profile” in the menu (bottom of the screen on iPhone) and scroll down to “preferences”

  4. In Preferences, go to “Passcode” and enter hbdwtg. This is my developer’s code and will give you access to all the tours I’m working on.

  5. Go to the menu (bottom on iPhone) and select “All Guides”

  6. You should see all my tours at the beginning of the list. The ones you need for testing are:
    - Myra Canyon: Steel Rails and Iron Will
    - Myra Information Kiosk
    - Morrisey Camp at Ruth

  7. Click on any of the above. You’ll see a download button on the lower right of the tour tile (the picture). Download all 3 where you have wifi. This will save incurring data charges when you’re actually testing. File sizes aren’t too big (biggest is about 44 MB) so they shouldn’t clog up your phone memory.

  8. Once all three files are downloaded, you’re ready to head to Myra and start testing!

Testing Tips

We have done 3 or 4 test runs with the app and here’s some things we’ve learned:

  1. The Start Point: Go to the Myra Parking lot (this is the one past Gallagher’s Canyon. Here is a link to Google Maps for directions if you need them)

  2. Once you’re parked and you’re unloading your bike, you can start the tour. Plug in your headphones and open up the app. Go to the Myra Canyon: Steel Rails and Iron Will tour. Press the blue “Start” button. The audio should start past the bike rental station towards the outhouses and the trail gate.

  3. Like all GPS enabled apps, we’ve found that this is a bit of a battery hog. If you do the full tour from Myra to Ruth (about 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on how fast you ride and how long you stop at each stop) you’re probably going to be getting pretty low on your battery when you finish. Here are some tips to extend life:
    - Make sure you start with 100%
    - Avoid bluetooth headphones if possible - they drain the battery quicker than regular headphones
    - We’ve found that putting your phone into Airplane mode during the tour is the best to preserve the battery. Consider this if it’s an option
    - If you have a spare battery bank, take it!
    Extending battery life is our number one goal for our own testing, so if you discover any other tricks that work, let us know!

  4. This is definitely a tour for those that love history. That’s why it takes a lot longer than a typical ride up at Myra. If history isn’t your thing, then this tour probably isn’t either. Consider yourself warned.

  5. Go ahead and break it! As I’ve said, consider this a very early prototype. We’ll be doing our own testin’ and tweakin’ but we’re also anxious to get others feed back. Use it as you would if you just found it on your own.

  6. Feedback. Let us know what you think. This one is a little bit complicated, because you may want to record thoughts while you’re riding - and if you’ve followed our advice - you may not have data while you’re there. After thinking about it, here is my suggestion. Start an email to Put “Myra Test” in the subject line. As you ride and think of stuff, just add it to your email. If possible, try to give me a reference point (trestle numbers or the tour’s number work well) where your feedback applies. When you have data again, just send me the email.

  7. The tour ends at the Morrissey Camp at the Ruth Parking lot. When you’re done, you’ll have to ride back to Myra. Without stops, it’s about 45 - 60 minutes. But it’s a nice ride! If you have people that love you, talk them into dropping you off at Myra and picking you up at Ruth. Buy them a beer at McCulloch Station on the way down.

  8. Thank you! This tour has been several months in the works and is the first of many we hope to offer. This testing is very important to us and your help is greatly appreciated!